Dr. Spyros Gouvalis is a Urological Surgeon, specialized in the latest techniques of urological surgery and the most modern diagnostic methods.


Dr. Spyros Gouvalis
Dr. Spyros Gouvalis

He has been trained and worked in prominent universities and hospitals in Germany, where he pursued an academic career and held a managerial position. Today, he is the Director of the Urology Clinic of the “YGEIA Tirana” Hospital and a collaborator of the Hygeia Hospital.

He graduated from the Medical School and specialized in the Urology Clinic of RWTH Aachen University. He completed his training in various specific areas of surgical urology, with an emphasis on oncological urology, where he excelled in performing radical surgeries while maintaining organ function (such as partial nephrectomy, maintenance of erectile function after radical prostatectomy) and reconstructive surgeries, organ conservation, and restoration of function such as the formation of neocysts in men and women. He developed special skills in reconstructive surgery of congenital anomalies in children and he now is a Pediatric Urology Specialist.

He has collaborated with many european and american centers for the development and implementation of pioneering methods in Surgical Urology, such as laparoscopic and robotic surgery as well as special treatments, such as prostate brachytherapy – collaborations that he maintains to this day.

Dr. Gouvalis has written many original scientific articles, which have been published in prestigious scientific journals both in Greece and abroad. He has also written chapters in Greek and international textbooks.

He is a member of many Medical Societies in Greece and abroad and actively participates in the coordination of seminars, workshops and conferences.

Dr. Gouvalis is vice president of the non-profit organization AKOS, that gives prominence to the importance of cancer prevention, organizes coordinated actions for oncology patients and the succesfully treated, but also conducts nationwide research on issues of public health that are of critical importance.



Phone number: 2107485741 – 2106972000

Address: 122 Vasilissis Sofias Av., 115 26, Athens

Email: info@sgouvalis.gr